I am a peanut


Gurt, Ga-kun or CostCoTrans, gay (in the pan sense), autistic, all of that; not too able-bodied (poor muscle/mass, weak lungs and I have chronic neck pain also) but mostly able to fend for myselfI'm an adult (21+) but don't post/like NSFW or lewd at people so I'm "safe" (see my before you follow page for more info)Heavily into gaming (esp music games)I've been into Bemani since 1999 (AC Dancing Stage, beatmania 3rd MIX). Still going. My rough skill levels: IIDX main (6dan SP, 6dan DP), Pop'n ~45, DDR 15-18 (no bar)/freestyle, SDVX ~14, jubeat ~9, BeatStream ~10.4, 5key 9 SP/~7 DP, Nostalgia = no. Username COSTCO on most games. Yes my skill should be better for the amount of time I've been playing but I don't care.I also own arcade cabinets - a 5key beatmania (mini), Pop'n Music (SD) and BeatStream.Gimme some of that USAO (please)Other games: Doom (1993), Minecraft, Phantasy Star Online, idk there's a bunch of stuff I'll always come back toI also collect old computers and consoles, as well as software/games for them or unusual hardware - I've tried to list everything on a subpage but I may have missed something (much of it is hard to find). I try to use as much as I can instead of just hoard it. I have a games list available on request! (Don't expect trades though, haha.)I can't program but I can hack about a bitHella accident proneI also love birds and I have a lot of wild birds that come to my door and I feed them and they are my friends and they tap on my window to say "please feed me" so birds are better than people (if people tap on my window or door I pretend I'm not home)I probably won't DM you first because I'm chickenshit but it doesn't mean I don't want to or won't reply, I'm just bad at socialising

My Collection

List is sorted by company, then by rough chronological order rather than alphanumeric. Different regions listed individually as there's not enough for it to be a problem.

IIcMacintosh SEPowerMac G4PowerMac G5
2600/VCS (x2?)130 XE (computer; Atari 800 compatible)
(PAL) VIC-20 (x2)(PAL) C64 (x2)(PAL) C64C (x3)(PAL) C128D(PAL) C16 (x2?)(PAL) Plus/4 (x2?)(PAL) Amiga 500
(NTSC-J) Famicom (AV modded)(NTSC-J) Famicom Disk System(PAL) NES (x3)(region free) AVSGame Boy (x?? two digits)Game Boy Pocket (x2)Game Boy Color (indigo)(NTSC-J) Super Famicom(PAL) Super NES (x2)(PAL) Nintendo 64(PAL) GameCube (indigo)Nintendo DSNintendo DS LiteNintendo 3DSXLNintendo New 3DSXL(PAL) Wii (x3)(PAL) Wii U
(NTSC-J) SG-1000 II(NTSC-J) Mark III(PAL) Master System(PAL) Master System 2 (x3?)Game Gear(PAL) Megadrive(PAL) Megadrive 2 + Mega CD(PAL) Saturn(PAL) Dreamcast(NTSC-J) Dreamcast
(PAL) PlayStation (x3)(NTSC-J) PlayStation 2(PAL) PlayStation 2(PAL) PlayStation 2 slimPlayStation 3PlayStation 3 slimPlayStation 4PlayStation Portable (x2)PlayStation Vita
1chipMSXAmstrad CPC464ColecovisionMicrosoft Xbox (x2)Microsoft Xbox360NEC PC Engine Duo (x2)NEC PC9821-Ap3NeoGeo Pocket ColorSinclair ZX Spectrum 16KSinclair ZX Spectrum 48KToshiba HX-10 MSXWonderSwan CrystalZX Spectrum+ZX Spectrum +2

before you follow

Before you follow keep in mind the following:
I'm an adult so if you're a minor for your safety, please don't discuss anything personal with me (or other adults) I don't post or like NSFW content such as pictures or make sexual comments about or involving anyone, though I'm quite happy to swear freelyin fact I don't really 'get' sexual stuff in general so don't be weirdI try to be as inclusive as possible so I don't judge people based on things like race, gender, religion, mental illness, disabilities or how eccentric you might be (tbh that's always a nice thing) so please feel free to be yourself!
Don't follow (or interact) if:
You're super super young or somethingYou're a pedophile, MAP, lolicon, babyfur or otherwise you think it's okay to sexualise minorsOr you make excuses for people who are the above, I don't care if "they're better now", how about ask victims if they're 'better now'You're just following me to 'debate' me (???)
Above all though, I hope to get along with everybody!